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Get a Website and a Facebook Page, Then Link them Together

I have been researching social networking and North Americans on the internet. The findings are amazing to say the least.
If everyone on the internet in North America gave you one dollar, just one dollar, you would have over $270,000,000.

I will give you a chance to be seen by all who search the web for anything close to what you are selling, offering, or presenting. There is plenty of Space on the Internet for you to make "your Mark"

Web Site Design is something that I have been doing since I was in Middle school. I remember going through Geocities and deciding that I didn't like the plain old templates that they offered so I started figuring out the HTML for myself. I have grown from the old Tables into the CSS positioning and Styling that makes websites more clickable and aesthetically pleasing. All of the sites that I build show up nicely on mobile phones, because they are written using up to date HTML and CSS standards.

Facebook Statistics

Social Networking on the internet has exploded in the last 5-10 years. Just in North America there is 174,586,680 people on Facebook out of the 273,067,546 people in North America on the internet. I think that is more than enough reason to launch a Web campaign, imagine your cheapest product, now imagine that 273,067,546 people bought one of those products, Imagine the PROFIT.

the Growth of people on the internet from 2000-2011 was 152.6%, this means that the traffic to your site will only increase in the future. In the next decade the amount of potential customers will increase by 143 million people. Get your Website out there now, it will strengthen your presence in the Online community and give you a permanent foundation for your business on the internet.

Here is how the whole Facebook advertising thing works:

  1. Create Facebook Page
  2. Have Hart Webpages Design a Welcome page and custom header
  3. Get an Amazing Website from Hart Webpages
  4. Link Facebook page to Website
  5. Share Facebook Page with Friends
  6. Make Money

I will create a banner for Facebook using your Logo and wonderful pictures of your Business, employees, products or whatever you want.
You also get a wonderfully amazing and simple Facebook welcome page. The Facebook Pages links to your website drawing all your Facebook advertising power to your website, bringing you a Sale and hopefully a wonderful relationship with a brand new customer.

Check out our packages page for some wonderful deals on website and Facebook pakcages for your business.

Here is some of My Work almost all of which are my Graphics that I have Designed


Hart Web Pages Website Mini Header Design

Hart WebPages Website B B Auto Salvage After I recently had the Opportunity to work with David Enriquez from designTIME out of Rapid City, South Dakota on a website for B & B Auto Salvage. Hart Webpages web site B B Auto Salvage Before We took their old site off the internet and gave them a site worth clicking. We came up with a layout and went to work, he made the the graphics and I wrote the code. B B Auto Hart Webpages Website The Accordion Feature is really nice for a site like this, Hart Webpages Web Site B B Auto Salvage After We also set the up with some Meebo Chats, so that the service Personal can chat with you can have all the information on one page with out having to scroll very far. I created an Ebay Feed for their store, this way they can sell the parts from their Ebay store on their Website as well. I also made it easier for them to communicate with clients online by putting in some Meebo Chat's, so that the customer service representatives could talk directly to the person browsing their site.

Hart Web page Facebook Tab header

Here are some Facebook Pages that I have Designed for myself and Others

this is the first Facebook page that I made for Hart Webpages facebook Page it is a little out there, so is the second one that I made for Hart Webpages.

I also have some Facebook pages that I designed for someone doing Signature Homestyles. Her page has a more traditional style to it that I am sure that most of you will enjoy.

Hart Webpages Signature HomeStyles Sturgis,SD
Hart Web Pages Facebook Tab
More Facebook Pages Hart Webpages Website Design
Hart Webpages Website New Facebook Page Hart Webpages Website Old Facebook Page
Graphics Header Hart Webpages Websites and design
Hart Web pages business Card

I created my own business card as well. I can also create a Logo for your Business, and put it on Just about anything Check out some of the Graphics that I have designed.

Cheap Simple Website

All you have to do is provide Pictures and Content, how you want it laid out, and then I create, and host, for you a page that will rake in the money for you, using a single wonderful page. I will make sure that this page is searchable on Google, so that if someone is in your area searching for you they will be able to find this page and Contact you directly. I will also take the proper precautions to keep your email inbox from being spammed, I will set up forms for people to ask questions or whatever information you need to make a sale.

Package Prices Hosting** Description
Minimum Package $75 $5 couple of Pictures, some Text Describing what you are offering and a way to get a hold of you
a Bit More $150 $10 Same as the minimum package, but more pictures and text
Everything but the sink $225 $15 Everything from above, plus a form to gather information from a potential client
Everything including the sink $300 $20 Everything and a Custom Form that will give you all the information that you need to make a sale

all of these simple sites will be hosted for 3 months as a subdomain to www.Hartwebpages.com your site name will look like yoursite.hartwebpages.com
after the free 3 month hosting you will recieve a renewel letter from Hartwebpages asking you if you want to renew for another 3 month period, or if you would like to host for a month at a time, the hosting prices listed above are one month at a time.

if you would like a site with more of an Identity try one of our bigger and better packages

More Complex Website Packages

The Bronze Website Package

this Website Package comes with all the Basics needed to show up on your customer's radar

  1. Custom Website Design
  2. Personal Layout
  3. Facebook Like Button
  4. Google+ button
  5. up to 5 pages of Content *
  6. pick your colors
  7. 2 FREE E-mail addresses
  8. 1 year Webhosting
  9. 1 year Domain Name Registration

Customer Provides all Content

Ask me a Question or Order a Website
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Please Feel Free to Contact me via the Request or E-mail me at lyle...@hartwebpages.com

Check out our Facebook Page and our BlogSpot as well

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